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Letter 2, To Mr.McGuire March 1, 2012

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Dear Mr.McGuire,

I am reading Whirlwind and it was written by Robert Liparulo. This is a assignment from my teacher Mr.McGuire. His blog is The Reading Workshop.

The thing that really got me interested in my book series is actually the first part in the first book where in the pre-log or what ever it is called, a lady(I will tell you who at the end of the article(1).) is kidnapped by a guy (Who’s name is also at the end of the article(2).). The husband attempts to stop the intruder but is beat up. She is taken into the past through a portal.

Another exciting part in my book series is also in book 1 when David (or Xander, I honestly can’t remember.) goes back in time to the coliseum in Rome. He fights a gladiator in the coliseum and almost dies.

To find out how he survives get the Dream House series and read it.



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