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Narative poem November 30, 2011

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Working at school,

witch is not very cool

I felt something move

Then I knew I have to grove

Asked the teacher,

who didn’t move.

Witch was very rude.

Then I knew I had to take action

I felt it move

I felt it gugril

Then I knew I had to yell at the girl


“It has to wait!”


“WAIT!” Then i slammed the door.

Oah my god

It’s going to blast

Just like it has

done in the past,

right through the old butt flaps

Oah! Oah!  its going to blow

I really got to go

diarrhea is not fun

now I realy got to run

open the door

lay toylet paper down

before i can lay down

i felt something brown

form in the back of my paints

then i knew i could not dance

pull them down

turn around

sit down……………………………………………

yay! today!

it did not stain my pa(ints)


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