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To My Grandfrends October 6, 2011

Filed under: School Work — Ryan @ 3:00 pm

Dear grandma and grandpa,                                                                            9/7/11

Hi grandma! How are you doing? Could you come to grandfrends day? It is at Laurelville elementary on October 17th. The time it will happen is 1:45-2:45 It will be at the gym. Well I am doing great if you want to know. How is grandpa? Is there anything I can do to help you with grandpa?

This was an assignment for language arts. I wanted to do this because I love you. Also, I wanted to put in an order for some of your food( See second to last paragraph.)

I love you so much. I want to make you feel good because of three reasons. First, You are my grandma and I love you. Second, You make the best food ever. Third, I know you need help with Charly. I wish Charly was feeling better :(. Sometimes I call him Charly “Choo Choo Charly<3! Ha ha ha! :)”

So …. How is the baking store? I asked that question because I have an order for you! Three dozen Peanut butter and chocolate cookies ( Peanut butter and chocolate in each cookie). One dozen chocolate fudge. One dozen peanut butter fudge. And a hug :)! Just send me the bill and I will pay it no matter how much.

I love you so much. Please come. Please! Well … goodbye. 😉


Ryan DeBerry


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