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Letter to Mr. McGuire September 30, 2011

Filed under: School Work — Ryan @ 3:30 pm

This was an assignment I had to do. It is in italic because my instructor told me to do that.Well please read,read, and read on this!

Dear Mr. McGuire,                                                                                              Date 9//11

I know that you love reading adventure books but my book is kind of a mystery/adventure  book.The first book snagged me until the last book in the series! I bet you will get snagged too!

In the beginning of the book Ryan (The main character or you could say ME)  is at the same area where the first book starts with Sara (Another main character and person of interest ) looking where he broke his leg and bled some at the Dredge. Then went into shock.

In the book it does not have very much information past this for a time.  Then in his next entry he is at home. He does not recall how he got home or what happened at the dredge.

I just wanted to tell you that info. Well I hope you read it too! BYE!

P.S. This is all I could think of. I had to do this by memory


Ryan DeBerry


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